Psychometric, Behavioral & Employability Testing

We are a training partner of Brainberg Knowledge Services LLP in this service and we are member of International Test Commission, UAE. We offer psychometric testing for people of all ages while Employability skills assessment (ESA) for college graduates and working professionals. We are skilled at using a collection of standardised and validated tests that are specifically selected to address our clients' concerns. It is an online testing platform – designed to check potential learning abilities and personality attributes.

Client Service provided Testing Platform Benefits
Civil Engineering graduates & working professionals Employability skills assessment Traitfit assessment Select better career choice in line with interest and personality attributes
Other Engineering students Employability skills assessment Traitfit assessment
School children & College graduates Psychometric test Wizquiz assessment Enhancing academic performance, interpersonal relationships, personal insight, growth & self-confidence.
HR function Psychometric test & skills assessment Traitfit assessment Employee skill fitness, hiring and screening, appraisal, retention policy, values and integrity.

Traitfit model is built on various theoretical and conceptual basis like Daniel Goldman’s theory of Emotional intelligence, The Big Five Factor Model, MBTI, 16 PF, Howard Gardners theory of MI. These traits are independently standardized using IBM-SPSS and other statistical software and found acceptable on Chronbach’s Alpla and split test reliability parameters. Log on to for further details.