CiViL कट्टा is a place where you can exchange your views and thoughts with industry experts, professionals, teachers, and students. It is an unofficial meet, without any protocols facilitated by industry expert. It’s on 4th Sunday of every month @ 10:30 am in our Institute. Here, one can build contacts, relations and expand his business / social circle.

Professionals & industry experts, architects, corporate trainers, teachers and businessmen / consultants can share their experiences, products, services and share knowledge with budding civil engineers; guide them with latest updates and rules/ regulations.

New professionals can look for upliftment of career and qualifications, learn from experience of others, while students can get ideas for their project works, industry exposure, site visits, career options etc.

In short, it is an easy way to ‘exchange thoughts, build relations and refresh minds’ .. What are you waiting for.. come on, register free just by raising your request on our 'ENQUIRY' key..

Civil Katta: 13 June 2019
Topic : How to win over career struggle and influence the success?
Experts :

  • Satish Bhujbal (Ex Director, Projects, Kalpataru)
  • Praveen Dhavale (Ex Head Projects, Puranik Builders)
  • Dhanajan Marate (Ex VP, Kalpataru)
  • Hemant Joshi (Ex AGM, SPCL)

Around 50 students, civil engineers and architects / professionals were benefited by the conversation with the industry stalwarts. Sharing of knowledge and experience took place on various topics. Participants asked interesting questions about jobs, career after civil engineering, scope of various sectors and they were answered by the panel members. Online questions also were taken into account. The program was inaugurated with the “Katta Bell". "Katta Potadi" containing various surprises was an attraction. Katta-pati was the award given to Ar. Arun Kulkarni for the most interesting and apt question. 
At infini, we expect this katta to become a platform to meet, share, discuss thoughts with students, teachers, engineers and industry experts. Girish Dharap hosted the event. The program end with a Civil Engineer's prayer to ensure the dedicated & honest services in this industry.
Some of the interesting questions discussed - 
1. Opportunities for civil engineers to beat challenges in current era;
2. How we can improve work ethics in our employee and manage our experienced subordinate? 
3. Industry expectations from fresh civil engineers.
4. What are the opportunities to work abroad? 
5. How to deal with labour shortage?
6. What's 'MANTRA' to survive in the civil industry? etc.
Listen to video to know more. 

Event on 28 May : Architect MadhavHundekar discussed topic of RERA and unfolded its importance and motto along with benefits that a common man can get from this. Mr.SurendraKatkar shared views and experiences of his service in Government (PWD and ZillhaParishad) and guided students about government exam preparation.